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LP Farm Store sells a wide variety of products.  They specialize in pumpkins, winter squash, garlic, sweet corn, and potatoes.


LP Farm Store sells four varieties of garlic: Penner, Russian Red, Italian Softneck, and Persian Store.  More information can be found here.



In spring the Farm Store sells a variety of veggie and herb plants.  They specialize in hot pepper and mint plants.


LP Farm Store attends various markets throughout the growing season.  More information can be found here.



LP Farm Store specializes in hot peppers, tomatillos, sweet corn, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and a variety of root veggies.


LP Farm Store grows 60 varieties of pumpkins and winter squash.  Pumpkins can be bought at the patch or at a pop up location in Steinbach (to be determined).



LP Farm Store wholesales through Fireweed Food Hub and directly.  Please e-mail LP Farm Store for more information.

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