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LP Farm Store sells four varieties of garlic: Russian Red Rocambole, Persian Star, Penner, and Italian Softneck.  First to be ready is green garlic, followed by garlic scapes.  Next up is fresh garlic, which is garlic that has not been cured.  Lastly the cured garlic is ready.  Hard neck garlic is sold via head and by weight.  Penner garlic is the most popular and usually the first to sell out. Garlic should be ready beginning of August 2024.


1 lb $18.00

0.5 lb $9.00

Persian Star and Russian Red $2.50/head    Penner $3.50/head

Mixed varieties

Small heads $12.00/lb

Medium heads $16.00/lb

Garlic Braids


Garlic Wreaths


russian red garlic.jpg
Russian Red Rocambole

•         Stores up to 4-6 months

•         Big cloves (6-12 cloves)

•         Considered to have the best flavor. Sweet, rich, and complex.                 Very hot when eaten raw and has a very strong garlic flavor.

•         Type: Rocambole

persian star.jpg
Persian Star

•         Stores up to 4-8 months

•         6-12 cloves

•         Mild and rich flavor and is an excellent roasting garlic

•         Type: Purple Stripe

penner garlic.jpg
Penner Garlic

LP Farm Store bought this garlic at a farmers' market in 2016 and the vendor did not know the name of the garlic.  It is the garlic that began the garlic journey for the Farm Store.  The characteristics suggest it's a porcelain and most likely music.

•         Stores up to 6 months

•         Massive cloves (2-6 cloves)

•         Very large bulbs

•         One of the hottest tasting garlics.  Spicy and intense flavor that becomes milder when cooked with.

•         Type: Porcelain

garlic braids.jpg
Garlic Braids 

Italian Softneck

•         Stores up to 8-12 months

•         Smaller cloves (10-14 cloves)

•         Milder flavor

•         Type: Artichoke

green garlic.jpg
Green Garlic

Green garlic is the first to be ready in the garlic line up.  It is similar to green onions and can be used the same way.  The roots, bulbs, stem, and leaves are all edible.  It is available in June and can be bought at markets and through the Fireweed Food Hub.

Green garlic is sold by bunches, similar to green onions.

Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes are the second to be ready in the garlic line up.  There are many ways to use scapes and Lorissa loves to make pesto.  She will freeze the pesto in ice cube trays so that she has pesto throughout the long Manitoba winters.  Scapes can also be diced and frozen for later use.  Other recipes can be found on Instagram.  

Garlic scapes are sold by weight.

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